Pfaffenhofen Münchener Str. 68
Munich Germany
ph. 08441


The Künstlerwerkstatt is a nonprofit association organising mainly jazz (but also all kinds of exciting) concerts and arts exhibitons. There have been playing musicians from the Munich and South Germany scene as well as porformers from all over Europe and from New York. To name a few:

Carlos Bica's Azul feat. Frank Möbius and Jim Black, „Der Rote Bereich“, Johannes Faber, Geoff Goodman, Dusko Gojkovitch, Joe Haider, Steve McKenna, Tony Lakatos, Jim Mullen, Larry Porter, Alan Praskin, Roman Schwaller, Bobby Shew, „Trombonefire“, Leo Traversa, Gebhard Ullmann, Felix Wahnschaffe, Jeff Berlin Group, Alan Jones, Peter Bockius, Walter Lang, Barry Altschul, Evan Tate, Mario Pavone, Steve Bernstein, Peter Madsen, Brad Leali and Claus Raible, Billy Hart, The Fonda Stevens Group, Billy Bang, Jo Junghanss, Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra, Olaf Ton, The HUB, Till Martin, Martin Auer, Max.BAB, Erdmann 3000, Panzerballet, Gerhard Gschlössl, Jan Eschke,... The painters come mostly from the rich southern Germany scene. ...
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